Aesthetic Dentistry

Digital Smile Design

Each individual has his own facial features, temperament and characteristics. It is required to consider these factors while designing teeth which are among the most important factors defining a per- son visually. With digital smile design, all the details that make you what you are, are transferred to the digital environment with different methods and as they are evaluated with special softwares, the most unique design for the person is created. Digital smile design is a protocol having an important place in aesthetic dentistry which enables for the communication between the doctor and patient to be realized at a more professional level.

A porcelain laminate veneer

In Latin, laminate means leaf. It is the method applied without cutting teeth and only making their front surfaces 0.3-0.5 mm thinner, where healthy teeth tissue is lost at minimum. It is the process where porcelain teeth laminate is applied to these areas made thinner.

Empress (full porcelain teeth)

It is the porcelain that is obtained without using metal infrastructure, by heating glass ceramic on ceramic nucleus with crystal structure that is compressed under pressure, the durability of which is improved. All of it is composed of ceramics. Full porcelain teeth can also be renewed.