Dental Implants

Dental (teeth) implant

Dental implant is titanium screw system used to make prosthesis for the missing teeth. Dental implants that are placed on chin bone act like tooth root. If single tooth is missing, without touching the adjacent teeth, missing tooth can be completed and if many teeth are missing, fixed prosthesis can be used instead of mobile prosthesis by means of dental implants. If there are no teeth, it is possible to fix the mobile prosthesis which is difficult to use at lower chin and which can come out easily.

The treament in dental implants

In dentistry completion of prosthesis as a result of implant treatment takes more time than classic treatments because a period of 2.5 to 4 months is needed for the titanium structure to integrate with the bone and if chin bone is intervened or if a process is applied to remove sinus space on the upper chin it is required to wait for 6 months in addition. However the results obtained after this period are pleasing and have longer lifespan.

The advantages of dental implants

The prothesis of patients not having teeth for long years loss their harmonization as the bones continue changing and as they move, they cause problems as they hit. As prosthesis are made on implants, they don’t move or come out of the mouth. They can be used in patients where it is not desired to have moving prosthesis or in cases where bone attachments are lost.