Dentist Olgun Koşar

After graduating from Ege University faculty of dentistry in 2006 , he and his spouse Dentist Nurcan Koşar have opened Nazilli Dental Polyclinic. MSc. Olgun Koşar has worked intensively on İmplantology and oral Surgery. In 2017, he gained a title of Master, with a specialization in Implantology and Oral Surgery at Marcone University in Italy.

Dentist Nurcan Koşar

Dentist Nurcan Koşar graduated with a high degree from Ege University faculty of dentistry in 2006. She has mainly worked on aesthetic dentistry which has the first place of importance in dentistry . beside this Dentist Nurcan serves all of dental treatments to her patients.

Dentist Elnaz Rahnama

Dentist Elnaz Rahnama is a graduate of EGE University Faculty of dentistry .
She prides herself on providing the highest quality of dental care. she is passionate about beautiful smiles and she always strives to make her patients feel comfortable and make her dental practice a place where people want to be.
In her spare time, she enjoys playing a piano and skiing ..